Tuesday, October 16, 2007



So its like this: I TRIED AND TRIED AND TRIED SOME MORE!! To post three photos of my new little office, and YES you guessed it again, "Was I a Woman or a Mouse" Mmmmm out came the cheese!! Put my jimmy jam jams on and off to sleepy bow bows I went!! Laid my head upon my bed and couldn't sleep a wink. YEP right again, Back to Wendy's World I went wondering what went wrong, and all of a sudden just like "Dora" I DID IT!!!!! but please don't ask me how, cause I really don't know! LOL

And the words go like this "One out of Three ant Bad"

MEANWHILE in Wendy's World I have been to Perth here in Australia, off to the USA, over to England, and few other trips here and there to drop some little thank yous to all of you, so if you haven't heard from me yet! Well as they say tomorrow is another Day my friends.

The most beautiful Shane in the Whole World was so excited today as he was blessed with some new "Babies" well that's what he called them, Ya just gotta love him! they are really called, of course just between you and me girlfriends, "ORCHIDS" now this bit is very important, he has been growing this ONE yes One plant for TWO YEARS, OK and this is the very first time it has flowered, and flower it did, it is really beautiful, and if I was a great blogger I would send you all a wee little photo, so maybe you should put your hands together in the praying position and say a prayer that it doesn't take me TWO Years to show you the photo!LOL not!! This is where you tell me it does get easier!!

Now just this minute I have by accident seen a little square on the top of the page that came up add image, so if by chance you said that pray for me I'm going to click on it and see if this is how you put a photo on here. However if I should Blog Off so to speak, well you will know I have once again failed in my attempt! and I will go to the kitchen and eat more cheese!!! SO HERE I GO.......

JOLLY JUMBO JETS WHAT A WOMAN!!! Though it did turn out at the top of the page LOL just a small detail really!!

Well their you have it Shane's babies!!

You know what?? I'm going to do that again, again and again just cause I can!!

I'm having fun now girlfriends

Until we meet again, thanks for the prayers

Always Wendy :)

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Well no wonder Shanes excited, thats one pretty perfect Orchid.

You are not alone in the 'jumping out of bed to go to your blog' department. I do it quite often! Sometimes you just gotta!

xo Shann