Saturday, October 20, 2007



Yesterday it was our Choni's Birthday and as always the memories of years gone by come flooding back. From the day she was born their was and elegance about her always bright happy and full of life.

Schooling for Chontele was one achievement after another nothing less them credits or distinctions she has always had a love of knowledge and never without a pen or book in her hand. I always remember one comment a teacher wrote on her report once it said:... I ask the class one day to write down where they would most like to live with 99% answering near the beach, Chontele said.. right next door to the Library LOL.

Today Choni is no different she has had poems published a poster for abused children winning her an Australin Day Award any many other awards and medals for representing her State at National level in swimming.

Raising Choni has just been such a beautiful experience and so proud of her, even when in her teens she went through a period of slamming her bedroom door, Shane said to her, if you slam that door one more time I will take it off. Well of course she did, and sure enough he took the door off,LOL. The shock that he had actually removed it was enough to erace that habit, but she responed with not speaking to her father until he put it back on!!! So after 3 days, "Shane" not Choni, could'nt handle it anymore so he put it back on, so funny!! but that was her she could always hold out the longest, and if by chance that door would slam after that, she would yell out, sorry Dad, it was the wind, he would say ok love, Yeah right I would think as their wasn't even a breeze in sight!!

No matter what age she is, she will always be Daddy's little Girl!! and my ony daughter and through the years my closest friend.

"We love you seetheart with every beat of our heart"


Chontele Renee Patricia

19th October 1981
2.45pm The Best Day of Our Life
Her Song: Isn't she lovely

Daddy said:
I've been waiting for you

Chritsening Day 25th April 1982

Beach Baby

Mummy & Choni Swimming

Lets go shopping

First Day at School 3rd February 1987

Birthday Girl 10 years old Today


Working with Mummy At Cleo

Year 12 Graduation

Chontele at UNI

Choni 21st



Alison Gibbs said...

It is amazing - where do all the years go.
Happy Birthday Choni.

Natasha Burns said...

Happy Birthday Chontele!!! What a beautiful girl she is, but of course, look at her mother! Wow look at you Mrs Bikini Woman of the Year!

michelle said...

What a cute girl, and mom who loves her!

The Rose Room said...

she is lovely! adore her Christening Outfit and the pink beach outfit!

MelsRosePlace said...

How wonderful to hear of the special bond you have with your gorgeous daughter ! I agree with Natasha too you ARE Mrs bikini woman of the year! Love all the photos, you must feel so proud and happy, Mel xxx

Ali said...

What a wonderfully beautiful tribute to such a special friend and daughter. You are very blessed to have such a close friendship together. You make me laugh so much reading through your posts. YOu have done very well. I am off in the morning to the snow but will try and blog while away too and check in to see what you are up to. Sorry i didn't send you through the pics, i have run out of time and too tired to get the camera out lol. ox will catch up soon hon. ox Ali