Monday, October 15, 2007




Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and joining me on my first blog. Here I was just hopping for maybe one person to say, "Hello There" and secretly just between you girlfriends me and Natasha... a certain Spunk Doctor might even have a blog and blog me, so to speak!! LOL (fill you in at my next Doctor's visit).
But O' know it was the big "W" Day for me!!

After signing in, excitement turn to a "Celebration" of finding you all, with warm wishes and offers of encouragement and friendship, you sure do know how to bring a girl to who knees LOL!

So now I guess I should come clean and tell you, I have been so use to checking out Natasha's blog and then around the World I would go with many others, That, Yes you guessed it!! I forgot I had one now too LOL a Lot!! how bad is that! OK Ok that's enough I hear you.

Meantime when my brain tuned into my menopausal body and said HELLO remember you have a blog! the rush of blood was almost to much that I even forgot my own password so after 4 attempts and giving myself an uppercut, I remembered what is was and as they say the rest is history!

While I'm on the M word, has anyone ever thought about how certain words that affect only us Woman start with MEN, such as Men o pause and Men st ruate and Men tal and Men U and Men tor and even Men ace Mmmmmm Men do have a lot to answer too when you think about it, And yet we still Love em.

Anyway back on track, I'm in the middle of changing my little office in Wendy's World and must say its starting to come together nicely I have a few more things to add that will come from the very talented Natasha, one wall yet to be painted then by jolly jumbo jets I will be finished, O ya praise myself for my hard work!! So I thought I would bring you girlfriends along for the viewing, so here is a little taste and then the show all will come at a later maybe sooner date.

Now if for some chance you get to see, well nothing, you will know my first photo session in blogland was a disaster and I shall seek help for the mental stress it shall cause me!

Until we meet again thank you once again for making my day the best "W" day of all time.

Always Wendy :)


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hello Sweet Wendy!!!!!!!!!

I have missed chatting with you and I am SO glad to see you with a blog!!! woohoo!!! Be sure to come and visit me now!

What a beauty you are...I told Miss Natasha..somehow you are just as I envisioned you :)

Welcome to blogging sweet girl! Heather :)

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Wendy,
You're so funny already!!! Forgot you had a blog?!!! And if you ever forget your password again remember you gave it to me to put up your banner and colours so I have it, don't fret!
Love to see this hunky doctor.....

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Wendy! I found you thru my friend Natasha! Welcome to the blog world! I look forward to seeing your pictures...

Come visit me in North Carolina, USA at


Charmingdesigns said...

Hi Wendy! I'm glad to find your blog! I happened to check Natshas blog and found you had one! I'm so excited. I got your can and cone off to you today! I'll be back to visit!! Laurie
PS You are Wendy Duffy right?? LOL

Ali said...

Hello, hello, hello. What a lovely surprise to find you in this little blogging world. I had no idea you were doing one. good for you. Shall add you to my list of favourites hon. Is this what has been keeping you so busy lol. Talk soon cutie and you should get your parcel very soon. ox Ali

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Wendy ~ It is nice to meet you in blog land ! You are making me laugh this morning !!
Ohhh by the way, I love what you said about your hubby in your "about me" spot ~