Sunday, November 25, 2007



It feels like it has taken me forever to finally get my office together. It use to be a large walk in pantry, I found it to be a bit of a waste so I set out to make it into an office, small but useful, I'm so happy the way it has turned out and just love spending time in here.

I have a lot of some of you in here with me such as my beautiful sign from Natasha WENDY'S WORLD! Nikki's lovely ballerina collage. I brought my Sweetie (mannequin) & cone from the ever so talented Heather. Sweetie travelled all the way from US and is with me every time I'm in the office, and when ever I need an opinion she amazingly agrees with me.

The divine soaps, O I wish you could smell them, cards, beautiful crystal draw knobs & little paper weights are from the lovely Ali. Now look at my magnificent painted tin I have another white one in my kitchen from our creative Lori who I also brought the most darling birdies that sit on a spoon.


The Stunning charms, linen journals and needle cushions and laundry bags that you can see in my cupboard are all hand made from the finest linens just perfect by the very special Cathy Penton. I love to show off my to die for
(but you can't have it) crown and wand made for me with this beautiful gold W of course its from Natasha!!

I have some gorgeous boxes from Kris, special journals made just for me by Natasha I Love them they are my favourite, I have a passion for them and the one thing I just love to do is write

Take as long as you like to cast your eyes on my Exquisite Fairy hand made from the delightful Ginny who was so kind to make this special fairy for me, I will always cherish her, and have wanted her for so long since Ginny's did one for Natasha's match box swap,I so appreciate not only the beautiful work Ginny has created buy the time taken out from her day just for me to have her.

Well their you have it I'm sure their are many other special things you can see from so many talented and creative women that I admire very much, but it would be impossible to name everyone, just know that you are all a part of my daily journal writing sitting here on my chair.

I have a very special doll arriving soon, O the very thought of it and the story behind her gives me the warmest feeling inside and some other things from my forever friend Natasha, also some very special gift that will be opened at Christmas from the sweet sweet Ali, but you will have to wait for them to be added in a Christmas spot in Wendy's World.

Always Wendy :)


Anonymous said...

Wow Wendy! Your new office looks absolutely amazing!!
So many pretty things in there...I am sure you will never want to leave!
Kathy xo

Natasha Burns said...

what a beautiful little piece of heaven in there! i could look at things for hours in there!!!

The Rose Room said...

What a dear little retreat all of your own:)

Twinkle Pink said...

I am so glad that the fairy at the ball has got to you in one piece and she looks right at home among all your other beautiful things.

It was a pleasure to create her for you.

best wishes Ginny

michelle said...

What a lovely little space! I love all your pretties. I especially love your new sign from Natasha! She should do more fairies they turned out so well. Your package is on its way, left Saturday actually. Hope it gets there okay!

MelsRosePlace said...

This office has to be every girls dream! What a brilliant idea tucking it in there, just love it, Mel xxx

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Oh Wendy!!!!! It looks so stunning!!!! I just love every single thing you have chosen to put in there. I see that Sweetie is quite happy and is becoming quite the little Aussie girl!! :))))


Ali said...

oh wow Wendy, what a fun post and such a treat to look at all of those girly things. How would one concentrate with so many pretty things to look at lol. ox hon, i posted your parcel off yesterday so you should get it today or tomorrow as it went express again. oxoxo thanks for the treat you provided showing us your little office. Now i feel a little inspired to add some more girliness to mine lol. oxo Ali

michelle said...

Hello! Just wondering if your girls have arrived yet! Oh, and I have put some new faces in my shop too!

Christine said...

that's a very pretty place to play!

Marina Capano said...

wow! I love its! your decoration is very romantic and so femenine, so cute! all terrific! congratulation! grettings from Argentina! I hope you visit my blog!!! I am interior designer and I have my own tv program in FOX of decoration "From house" I like very much you be in my program.!!!Marina xo xo saludos besos!

Scrappy Jessi said...

wow, how great!! what a way to make use of that space, it is awesome!
a nice retreat for you.
i just love it.
you should send this into romatic homes, or victoria!
they would be so impressed.

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Pearl Maple said...

Beautiful office with all shades of pretty pink. Wonderful place to be working in.

Ebony said...

Great work.

Shelagh G said...

I have been searching on line for card teachers here in SE QLD and found your blog so delightful I really had to stop and say that you have some lovely things going on here in your blog space.

My little papercraft store is located at Raby Bay, if you happen to know of anyone who would like to teach technique based cards do pass the world along.

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