Thursday, November 22, 2007



Wednesday 14th November 2007

I traveled up to the lovely Eumundi Markets to meet my friends Natasha & Kathy for the first time, I had been emailing both ladies and buying their beautiful creations for such a long time but had never meet them in person.

You can image my excitement I had been counting down the days since Natasha told me she would be visiting the most lovely Kathy in the whole world and would I like to join them at the markets. Well as you now know I jumped leaped arranged everything months ago to ensure I would be there, even told my staff they had to be DEAD! to not turn up for work that day LOL! so everyone knew I was off to meet my dear friends.

So after a little late start off I drove I had never been to the market before so of cause I took the wrong turn and got myself a little lost, but the old road I found myself on was a lovely drive and I saw a little shop I thought I might stop at on the way back.

Well the moment had arrived and their they were in front of me I wanted to squeeze them so tight with excitement but thought a little hug would be better since I had the day to spend with them and they would need to be able to breathe to do that!! so control over came me and after receiving all my goodies from the most beautiful Natasha in the whole world we were off to do some damage to keep our banks happy.

The market was unbelievable so much to see and not enough time, besides we were all to busy catching up laughing eating Mmmmmmmmmm lunch was so good. I brought some new shoes ear rings a little girl for the garden with a watering can and a beautiful table all of these you can see below.

Time yes it goes to fast, and for me sadness, as it was time to say goodbye two my friends who made my day so enjoyable that I will Cherish and smile about it each time I remember our day at Eumundi.



Natasha just loves her camera sometimes you never know where she is!LOL

Now on the way home from the markets I stopped at very little town called Yandina, their was a little second hand store were I was so lucky to buy all these lovely things you see on my beautiful new table. Be sure to check out the price of my beautiful doll, Yes I know $20.00 wow I grabbed her and didn't let go!! I also got this divine vase just love it, some lovely crystal bowls and little tins. All these wonderful things only cost a total of $38.00

I'm so into this market shopping now the girls have sure changed me, off to two more this weekend and they are right here in Buderim on a Sunday and I never knew, where have I been!LOL

Always Wendy :)

My office is almost finished and I think I did a pretty good job,you can see it next time my friends!


Natasha Burns said...

Didn't we hae a fun day!!!! It was grea to finally meet you, lol i didn't know you snuck a pic of Kathy and I looking at the glass ornaments!

Katrina said...

Looks like you all had a great time! The weather up there also looks fabulous.

Katrina :)

Sugar Bear said...

How fun that you were able to meet in person! Natasha and Kathy are so sweet and I'm sure you are too!

Ali said...

How fun it all looks. Glad you got to meet the girls finally and i am sure they loved their time with you too. Love the finds from the shop you went to on the way home. Great little finds. ox talk soon cutie. ox Ali

MelsRosePlace said...

Lovely to hear your report and see the photos Wendy - i am glad you enjoyed your catch up. Am hoping to catch up with miss jetsetter herself next Sunday if all goes well. Love your goodies too ! Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
It was so lovely to meet you!! We did have such a fun day...but it went way too fast! Next time hopefully we can plan it so we can have much more time together!!
Love all the goodies that you found at the little shop on the way home. I might have to check that one out sometime!
Kathy xo

Anonymous said...

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